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While I had an uneventful meeting with McGonagall; I apparently missed something important in my best friends life.

So, Marlene, Remus, and whoever else is in the group.

What the bloody hell is going on?


It's all quite simple, Lily. After years of holding in a deep and fiery passion for one another, Remus and I have decided that it is time to let love control our lives, throw the dust to the wind, let go and let be, carpe diem, if you will.

It's all quite beautiful, let me tell you what. Would you like me to tell you about the time we met? Brings a tear to my eye - just the memory.
You know, it would be much easier for me to believe you without the tone.

Well I must say I'm very happy-yet weirded out- for both of you. And crushed that I was last to know. You officially suck as best friend.
You know, it would be much easier for me to make you my maid of honour without your tone. ;)

If it's worth anything, Nat and Peter don't know yet. :D
Pfft you owe me Maid of Honour ;)

Potter and Black knew
Well, we saw Potter and Black before you..

Oh, Lily, best mate in the whole world, will you ever forgive me? :)
Well maid of honour does sound pretty good.

Of course I do, I wasn't even mad to begin with.
Glad to hear it.
To be fair, that was a simple matter of timing. Had you not been so late to the Great Hall, you'd have known the same time (or prior to) as them.

Besides I had to tell James, otherwise he'd have tried to win me back. It was best to break it to him there was no hope for that cause ;)
Marly already gave you quite the eloquent explanation of what is going on. I'd also like to add that James and I just weren't meant to be, so really - he's all yours again ;)
Well that's because Potter belongs with Black. Match made in heaven.

He was never mine to begin with.

December 2006

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