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Lily Evans. May 14 1958. Sixteen. Gryffindor.
Sixth Year. Prefect

Will: Do anything for anybody ; hex you to next year,
put others before herself, spend the majority of her time in the library,
stand up for the people who cant stand up for themselves,
eat lots and lots of chocolate, be a challenge,
laugh till she cries, be loyal to the very end.

Won't: date James Potter, give into anything easily,
listen to disco music, get on a broomstick, eat seafood,

First off, I am not perfect no matter what that Potter says.
I'll have you know that red is a hideous colour, and
there it sits atop my head. And my eyes are green!-green
for merlins sake. Marlene says I'm probably a little too
"obsessed" but how would you like to go around looking like

I suppose this is where I tell you all about myself.
Hello, nice to meet you, it's Lily Evans, and not 'freak' as
Petunia has led herself to believe.
Poor Petty, all those hair
products gone to her pretty little
horse-like head :) I have a reputation
for getting angry very easily..okay,
losing it is more like it, though
I assure you I'm very nice, and will
even share my chocolate.
I suppose that counts
me in as an emotional person since
I'm never anything but extremely
happy or extremely angry, which can be
blamed on James Potter who has probably made
it his career to be my personal prat.
Charming really.

I love charms and am practically
useless at transfiguration,
bad genes I'm sure of it.
You won't catch me within 10 feet
of a broom, or a cliff, or
somewhere else really high as I
will more than likely sob uncontrollably.
I'm nice to everyone who isn't James Potter
and I have no concept of personal safety
and will always put others before myself.
I'm just trying to get through
the next years of life without any more
major accidents as I seem to be a little prone to them.
Why? well your guess is as good as mine.

Marlene says I'm klutzy, I say, she's off her rocker.
I'm prefect this year so if you ever need me don't hesitate
to track me down.